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Our skilled team of qualified engineers and technicians work with many established clients to challenge the conventional, providing innovative design solutions on time and within budget.

Space appointments can be tailored to suit specific client and project requirements and include full design, performance duties or design & build and design support duties

Where the engineering systems predominate a process, Space Engineering can take a leading consultancy role and provide planning and project management services.

Engineering Design
  • Mechanical Engineering Services
  • Air conditioning, humidity control and mechanical ventilation systems
    Dry air and moisture processing systems.
    Evaporative cooling system
    Natural ventilation and hybrid ventilation systems
    Smoke exhaust systems, toilet and kitchen exhaust systems
    Building management systems
    Energy recovery systems where applicable, such as outside air control
    Acoustics Treatment

  • Electrical Engineering Services
  • Electrical main supply
    HV switchgear & transformer
    LV switchgear, Generator standby supply
    Electrical reticulation switchboards, panel boards & motor control centres
    Lightning protection & grounding systems
    Lighting systems interior, exterior & specialist.
    Telephone systems, including PABX, MDF and Dfs.
    Intercommunication, Public address, Backrgound Music, MATV...
    Security systems including CCTV , Access Control, Time Attendance.

  • Hydraulic Engineering Services
  • Storm water drainage
    Waste water drainage
    Sewage treatment systems
    Domestic water storage
    Domestic water treatment
    Hot water generation and distribution
    Medical Engineering Services
    Medical gases - O2, Vacuum, Medical Air, N2O

  • Fire Engineering Services
  • Performance based fire safety engineering
    Fire hydrant and hose reel systems
    Fire extinguishers Sprinklers
    Fire alarm & detection systems

  • Modes of Transportation
  • Lifts , Dumbwaiters
    Escalators, Moving walks

  • Industrial Engineering Services
  • Process instrumentation and Process Pipe Work
    Fuel Distribution Systems
    Compressed Air Systems
    Nitrogen Purging Systems
    Dust Extraction Systems, Air Ventilation
    Water Treatment Systems
    Industrial Air Conditioning Systems , Process refrigeration
    Gas & Oxygen Detection Systems
    Low Voltage Electrical Distribution, Electrical Process Control
    Low Voltage Explosion Proof Electrical Distribution

Our tendering processes regularly demonstrate to clients that they are achieving the best possible prices, for their projects from the most qualified contractors. We have indepth knowledge of the local construction market, including the players, the relative dynamics, and what is the best strategy for any given project. When it is in the client’s interest for direct purchase from suppliers, Space Engineering assists with this process and the successful integration of these client supplied items into the construction process.

Project cost is a principal concern of all clients. We take pride in relating to a client’s financial goals, and delivering within the established budgets. Our library of recent tender results enables us to valuably assist with this process.

Space Engineering provides authorship supervision and construction supervision in accordance with Vietnamese law. Generally, our offer for construction management varies from project to project, depending upon the type and size. Our involvement may vary from periodic visits to full time site representation.

We provided inspection services for many purposes including, verification of designs (ours and third parties).